About me

Meet Ruth Gladstone


Ruth Gladstone is an entrepreneur and a student at the University of Ghana. She is ambitious, tenacious, confident and charming. She is directed by high biblical and moral standards.

She loves photography, fashion, modelling and arts– poetry, drama and short stories. She is inspired by the world around her. She tells stories; stories about people, about places, things and nostalgia. She believes story-writing is a medium through which the untold stories are uncovered. She looks forward to enhancing her creative talent in the arts world and serving as a voice for the voiceless. Stories are also for fun. All work and no play, they say, makes Jack a dull boy. Thus, she writes short, humourous stories too. Words have power; but its power lies in how tactfully and beautifully they are stitched together to create a wonderful story.


Ruth began her primary education in Khrist Le Roi. She proceeded to He Reigns International where she completed her Junior High School education in 2013.

She had her secondary education at Labone Senior High School in the heart of Accra. There, she read General Arts. During her high school days, she partook in various inter-school debate competitions of which most were successful. Due to her hard work and diligence, she completed Labone as the 4th Best Student of her batch.

She then furthered her education to the tertiary level in 2017. Currently, she’s reading English and Psychology at the University of Ghana.


Ruth has worked with various companies and organizations which has instilled in her the exquisite skills and qualities such as organisational, interpersonal and communicational skills needed in the business world.

In 2016, she worked at Universal Investments and Industries(UII) as a products packer in the packaging of diary products for export. There, she learnt how to team up with others to achieve a target within a limited time frame.

She has also worked with Prudential Life Insurance as an insurance agent. Her work as an insurance agent included finding prospects, educating people about insurance and guiding them in the purchase of insurance packages. Thus, she is equipped with diverse marketing strategies.

In June 2019 to August, she worked with a tech company for this short period. She engaged in several JAD sessions as well as provided written content for the company’s social media page.

Extracurricular Activities

In 2019, she partook in the Ghana Tertiary Women’s Summit.

Ruth is also a volunteer at the Careers and Counseling Center at the University of Ghana.

She has a strong interest in youth advocacy and career development.