Flash fiction

First Time

Credit: Lyncrystal~Verylyn Amartey

It was my first time. I sat still. I didn’t know what to do. Would it go smooth or rough? I asked myself. I had heard stories about first times–a lot of stories. While some recounted the experience as pleasant, others thought it was awkward and sometimes terrific. Consequently, I was filled with terror in anticipation of what would happen. I was lost in a maze, battling my own thoughts. Tiny drops of sweat formed on my nose– a signal that I was tensed. I wiped it with my almost trembling hands. I was nervous; because it was my first time.

He however sat unperturbed, with his legs wide opened. He had a silvery bluetooth device stuck in his ears and his eyes were closed. He was completely immersed in a different world. Although he sat next to me, we were several kilometers apart. He opened his eyes abruptly and our eyes met. “Madam, is everything well with you?” He asked, sounding so concerned. Then I told him my plight. Rather than console me, he burst into a loud laughter. I was flabbergasted but I laughed too. He recounted his first experience on an airplane in order to make me feel at ease. It was both humourous and painstaking. I found myself laughing most of the time, causing some of the passengers on board to turn and gaze at us.

I smiled at him, he smiled back. “Fasten your seat belts,” the air hostess announced. And soon, we were lost above the horizon.

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  1. Bill Chance says:

    Nice work. I remember sitting next to a young woman on a flight to Miami. She had never flown – never been far away from her town – and was very nervous. As we landed we flew in over the Everglades and she looked out the window and said in a panic, “Is this what Miami is like?” I explained that no, that was a huge swamp and Miami was a very nice city.

    Thanks for sharing.


    1. Wow…I’m glad you can relate….and thank you


  2. Sena Gebe says:

    Really beautiful!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Sena 😍😍


  3. nannielottie says:

    I felt the suspense. Great piece


    1. Thanks sweedy…..


  4. GODWIN SOWAH says:

    Amazing piece Ruthy. Awesome!! 😃😃🙂🙂


    1. Thanks Sowah …♥️😍


  5. DrC says:

    Haha! Brilliant post. Felt gripping suspense in there. First times are always scary.

    You won a new follower here. 💙


    1. Hiii .. thanks 😂, please do send me an email


  6. Lizzie says:

    Awesome writing Ruth.


  7. Blaise says:

    You got me there with the suspense 😅


    1. I’m glad 🤣🤣🤣🤣
      Thanks for the feedback too

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Hilda says:

    Nice one there, gotta come for tutoring 😢or u guys say🙃 what?


    1. We gotta come to you instead 😅❤️


  9. Dentozy says:

    That was a nice one dear keep it up


    1. Thanks.
      Glad you made time to read 😍


  10. Dentozy says:

    That was a nice one dear keep it up
    The brain behind was fantastic and the ending was also super,i love that.


    1. Sure
      Thanks for making time to read ❤️❤️


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