Short fiction

Drama in the Hall again


The hall was embellished in a grandiose manner. Five chandeliers hung from the ceiling; one on the main platform and two each at the extreme sides of the hall; a walkway covered with a red carpet separated the hall into two equal sides, the left side and the right side. Each of the sixteen round tables was decorated with a pink linen colour and a tall floral centrepiece. Around the tables were five rustic cross back chairs. Alongside were five empty wine glasses; each contained a pink tissue with a bottled water. The air conditioners did not fail at keeping the hall at a significantly minimum temperature compared to the fiery radiation which was being emitted by the sun outside the hall.
Two beautiful ladies stood at the entrance of the hall welcoming the guests with a warm smile and a copy of the program outline. The guests were entertained with cool music as they awaited the couples to be. Finally, the bride and her groom arrived after what seemed like a decade. With their arms locked in each others arm, they walked gorgeously to their designated seat in front of the platform and the ceremony commenced.
The guests who had arrived late were being accompanied to their well deserving seats by some gallant looking male ushers. The hall was more than half filled and it was already 45 minutes into the commencement of the ceremony. The two lovebirds stood before the platform; looking into each others eyes. Her sleek ball gown was jaw-dropping; the sleeveless fitted bodice accentuated her slender waist and revealed a slight cleavage of her busty upper body. Its dramatic fluffy full skirt draped from her waist unto her feet concealing the shape of her lower body. The beautiful pearl detailing mixed with rhinestones on the white satin fitted bodice sparkled as the light from the chandelier hit the surface. The royal blue tuxedo looked great on the groom. His black belt complemented his black oxford shoe. The congregation kept mute as they listened to the groom recite his vows; only a few kept whistling to boost his moral as Nhyira expressed his sincerest affection.
“You have made me the happiest being on earth today by agreeing to be my companion. I promise to nurture your dreams and to help you achieve them. No matter the challenges that come our way, I promise to keep showing you how deeply I care for you. I vow to always put you first, even above Liverpool during football season.” He paused and laughed; the entire congregation joined him with an uproar and a short applause. “I take you as my beloved to love and to cherish you just as Christ loved the Church and gave himself for it, for better or worse, in health and sickness, in joy and in sorrow, until death do us apart.”

The congregation couldn’t express its delight much better than with a hilarious applause. It was the turn of the bride. The officiant engaged with her for some time and asked her the final question.
“Do you take Nhyira Kwesi Frimpong as your lawfully wedded husband, to love, to honour and cherish him till death do you apart?”
There was a long awkward pause; dead silence among the crowd as they waited patiently for her response. Nhyira looked at her wanly, a look that signaled her to reply quickly. But Nyamekye gave him a sullen look and a reaction of indifference. A mirthless smile found its way on Nhyira’s face and his desperate eyes pleaded with Nyamekye’s.
He swallowed hard and he cast his mind back to some years ago when he and Nyamekye were dating; those times when their love was beginning to blossom. Those times when they used tell each other silly jokes and silly stories. One time, Nyamekye told him a creepy story about a groom and a bride on their wedding day. The bride had stood the groom up on the wedding day and not showed up. Nyamekye had told him she’d do same to him on wedding if he ever hurt her. Although she was kidding, he had actually felt bad about that joke.
He tried suppressing those thoughts but they popped up to mock his ego each time he did. His pulsating heart was beating at a high rate. He carried his almost trembling hands into his pocket and brought out his white neatly folded handkerchief and wiped off the droplet of sweat that had formed on his forehead and nose. He admitted he had wronged Nyamekye but he sincerely apologised; he was remorseful. Nyamekye had forgiven and accepted him back. Why was she punishing him this way? Then finally, she parted her lips to speak.


Nooo!!! a voice echoed from the main entrance; causing the congregation to turn back and bringing the ceremony to a standstill.

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